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Owner of JCsArtDesigns

Passion Turned Business

I am a dedicated artist with an insatiable passion for crafting beautiful moments. With a heart full of creativity and a family history steeped in artistic talent, I have always been drawn to the world of art

Married to my high school sweetheart for over two decades, I am also a proud parent to a beautiful 5-year-old son and a gorgeous 2-year-old daughter. If there is anything I wholeheartedly understand, it is the joys and challenges of parenthood like no other and I embrace the chaos of family life!

In 2017, while planning my own wedding, my husband had a brilliant idea. He encouraged me to expand my artistic talents to create custom signage for special events. What started as a dream soon became a thriving reality. I embarked on my creative journey, launching my business from the coziest corner of my home. Fast forward to 5 years later, I am now working out of my very first storefront.

My dedication to crafting stunning and unique details has made me the go-to artisan for those seeking to leave their guests in awe of their special occasions.

Join me on this extraordinary journey of artistry and celebration, and let me turn your special moments into works of art!

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